Doing NaNoWriMo…..

5 Degrees Of Inspiration

….. and have a couple of ideas for what I want to write, but unsure which one to go full steam with….. here are the opening sequences of each, and I shall let you, the reader, vote on which you wish to see more of next month.


He could hear the thunder of hooves behind him, smell the sweating flesh, hear the creak of tack and leather as he ran through the underbrush, brambles sticking to his fur and rocks jarring his paws. He knew the risk of hunting in the open like that, but at the time the need- the hunger- was just too great. So, now he ran, the Tracker at his heels trying to keep up with the massive tiger just out of reach….

….. and the tiger was loving it.

He hunted like any other predator- enjoyed the thrill of the chase, the kill-…

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