Wherever In The World

world in hand



I know you’re there, yet still I miss your smile

Feels like forever, thought it’s only been a little while
Your color remains vivid, a stain upon my soul
Your words fill my heart, closing the gaping hole
Am I obsessive to say I crave your very essence?
That I feel lost without it, empty without your presence?
I shake my head and wonder if you even feel the same
Or are my wanton emotions just playing a silly game
Making me think that you miss me like I you do
Making me feel you think on me as I think on you
For every thought of you puts a smile upon my lips
Every desire has your flesh beneath my fingertips
Even distance doesn’t deter my overflowing devotion
Even parting doesn’t dampen this overwhelming emotion
For wherever in the world your wish is my will
Whenever the time, whatever the space, I love you still 
Copyright ©2013 Spiritwind Studios Ltd


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