Immortal Coil




You coil about me, locking me in your gaze as I become your prey, drawing me from my dark hollow. Quivering yet frozen in your grasp, anticipating the strike, it comes swiftly, suddenly, the bite of venom a burning fire within my veins, slowly coursing through to poison my essence with color and light. Venom so sweet it speaks not of death, but of life, the welcoming expectation of mortality transforming into a spark within my soul.

The visions! Oh, the visions of word and rhyme and rhythm and song reverberating throughout my flesh, making muscles tremble, my throat sigh and groan in wanton pleasure, pleading for your jaws to give me more. You are an opiate to my senses, I feed from you as you feed from me, drawing out gloom and replacing it with the glow of many moons, a galaxy of nebulae spinning in my mind’s eye.

Let your immortal coil ever hold me fast – fill me, kill me, consecrate me, resurrect me, make me a new creature with every stinging insertion, penetrate my soul, infuse my heart with luscious toxin as wings of fire sprout from my skin to engulf us both.

Warm is the fire, scalding the flame.

Come, burn with me.


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