Ten Hours Only



Hey, look, I published a book! Ten Hours Only, it’s 10,000 words long, and $10 to buy. It’s my first book, so I’m both excited, and worried about how well I did, but mostly surprised at how easy the whole process has been. I began writing it in April for Camp Nanowrimo (the first draft took me six days). And now it’s fully edited, formatted, with suitable cover art, and on Amazon. It’s strange that I can just do that, y’know? 😀

Here’s a quick excerpt.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask, without really expecting a reply.

Pete glances at me in the rear-view mirror. “Back to your legal guardian, Tasha Miranov. In Lorren.” He groans dramatically. “That’s one long drive. And it’s three in the morning!”

“Ja, and we didn’t even bring any coffee,” says Sabrina, tightening her grip on the steering wheel as we head…

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