Poetry Prompt #4 – Embarras De Choix


A seat on Heaven’s hallowed throne
Blood of saints whose sins have shown
that they are but men of flesh and bone
Seeds from which Yggdrasil was sown
Oh, how he tempts me with such treasure!
Of all that which he would bestow
Eyes from which tears of maidens flow
Bountiful baubles that gleam and glow
Blood spilled from every fiend and foe

Still one tribute I desire above measure

More than the burning blade of Eden’s bane

More than God’s one true Name
More than the tune that would keep beasts tame
More than all the fortune or fame

One, only one prize would give me pleasure

Sad, then, these are my only selections
That I cannot choose to win his affections
So I choose not to choose, to his disconcertion
Risking instead complete rejection
In hopes his heart I can transfigure

©Spiritwind Studios


5 responses to “Poetry Prompt #4 – Embarras De Choix

  1. Lilith, as always, you’ve knocked it out of the park. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were a baseball player. Very well done, indeed!

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