Thursday Poetry Prompt #5 – Deific Dissertation





I exist 

Neither in this world nor in that
I am Everyworld
I go where I will
When I will it
I ask not for servitude
Only grace
When thou speakest my name
I ask not for sacrifice
Unless it be of your arrogance and greed
Better to venerate my gifts
Rather than my being
For no altar of worship compares
To the honor you give to each other
To life
To land
To sea
To the abundance I set before you
So waste not time singing praises
My Children
If you plan to squander my blessings
For your voices will not be heard

©2013 Spiritwind Studios

16 responses to “Thursday Poetry Prompt #5 – Deific Dissertation

  1. Now…that’s divinity. That’s how I think a god would be. Impressive.

    All that said, I would demand sacrifice and worship. Why? For the lulz. You imagine a god that’s a troll?

    • Oh, well, the God of the Bible is indeed a troll after all…. Abraham anyone? So yes, I would go random and occasionally demand a sacrificial whole roasted sucking pig or a chocolate fountain in my honor :p

      • Oh…yeah… I forgot about that… That was sort of a trolling bit there, wasn’t it? That and Job…and then impregnating Mary and causing Joseph to be a little mad about it at first. I would’ve been pissed, too. “You did what with who? I don’t care if it is Yahweh, creator of heaven and earth. You tell that &^%$#%^&^&%$ I’m coming for His Throne. In fact, why don’t you go stay with him, hmmm? See how long you last in the 12 Houses of God having to clean up the golden streets all the time.”

      • They end up on Maury getting a paternity test, Mary getting all ghetto and running backstage, falling on her knees going “MAMA NOOO!”

        Srsly, we’re going to Hell…. you prefer the window seat or aisle? XD

  2. How can anyone follow up on an exchange like that!!!! Love reading this poem sound so lame now…I will just have to invite you into the Akashic Library for a chat, I’m sure Sekhmet would love to meet you and we’ll just ignore Loki… 😉

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