Short Fiction: The Teacher and Her Bunnies

When the bunnies hopped!

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

We Drink Because We Are Poets

has a new team member lovely Lilith from 5 Degrees of Inspiration.  For this week’s prompt she’s come up with bunnies…yes you read me correctly:

“Plot bunnies…. we all have ‘em – keeping up at all hours of the night, hopping around in our heads, breeding like, well, rabbits.

So, your challenge this week is to describe your various little critters: their personalities, do they have a voice, how do you handle and corral these little beasties?”

so…here we go!

The Teacher and Her Bunnies

Mariel set with her blank paper in front of her and her pencil in her mouth.  The teacher roamed around the room looking over her pupil’s shoulders giving encouragement or a frown according to what she saw.

What she saw when she came to Mariel was a blank sheet of paper and Mariel staring off in space. “Mariel!”…

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