Dez Jackson: CyberCafe, The Church, and Club Vanilla

Another pea to the pod – or shall I say firecracker 😉

The MisAdventures of Vanilla

“Crap! Why isn’t this stupid GPS thing working?”  I swear I get around so much better in strange cities without all the techy gadgets. The light ahead of me turned red. I slammed on the breaks just shy of some guy’s bumper. Don’t want to wreck the rental. I turned the GPS off.

I looked around: A strip club, a paycheck advance place, a gas station, and a cyber café. I turned right at the light and found a parking spot on the street. The CyberCafé was the only place open this early. I stepped inside. The place was empty except for a guy behind the counter and a young blood busing tables. I walked to the counter.

“I’m looking for The Church. Would you happen to know where that is?” Why I didn’t have an actual name for the place made no sense, but Walker assured me that it…

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