Valkyrie: Stripper Audition

Another of my OCs makes her debut! Much thanks to Kira for letting me write for this wonderful story!

The MisAdventures of Vanilla


The hell.

Was I doing?

Facing my fears, that’s what.

Shit, if these skinny bitches can get up there and shake their ass to make bank, so can I!

No more Wallyworld.

No more tan and blue.

This was all me.

Red lips and black eyeshadow, blue-streaked jet black hair falling past my shoulders in a bob, black leather corset with spider webs woven in silver thread and studs, lace choker with a silver spider hanging from the center. When I walked out on stage, Thomas, the owner, raised his eyebrows and sighed. I could tell he was not expecting much from me.

Boy was he wrong.

My music began and I leaned back hair falling down my shoulders, my arms twisting and twining with the synths of Rammstein’s “Stripped,” hips undulating seductively. When the drums began, I ripped off my corset, my ample breasts bouncing as my legs…

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