Friggin Awsome Friggin Award For Some Pretty Friggin Awesome Friggin People!!!



I was nominated for this award by the equally friggin awesome Lord Ark Himself.

Because I’m a Goddess, THAT’S why, so y’all better recognize! 
*three snaps in a circle*
Yeah, sure, there are those who have yet to acknowledge my Goddess-hood, yet those will soon know the full scope of my power as Holy Baby Powder meets unclean cheek. 
Who am *I* to tout myself so, you ask?

Well, come closer, dear minions, allow me to elaborate….

I write such verse, such prose as to make your insides quiver – whether it be with pleasure or fear is entirely at my whim – your mouth going dry, begging for more yet at the same begging it to stop lest you go mad with the glory of it all. I can rip you apart or make you dissolve into paroxysms of pleasure, or maybe I’ll do both just to watch you squirm, your screams music to my hallowed ears.
My style is kind of like looking upon the Ark Of the Covenant for the first time – you’re either ready, or you’re not, and the unworthy shall have their flesh melted from their bones.
I have garnered favor from the Lords of many lands, yet a Lord from the land of the Rising Sun is the Muse which brings me joy even in times of rage and sorrow. He is the one who wakened this Goddess in her slumber, this deity who’d all but lost her way in the cosmos, her throne bereft of her presence to be pillaged by those who would see her fall. 
Yet awake I am.
Awake I shall remain.
Now, vacate that throne, bitches – thanks for keeping it warm, but it’s time to take back what’s mine!
The Bloody Rules:

1. Refer back to the blogger that nominated you for the award!
2. Tell us something about yourself, but not just anything…  Really boast about yourself.  Why?  Because you’re FRIGGIN’ AWESOME, that’s why!  Tell us why you’re awesome, and make us believe it!  You can do this in as many points as you like, but I’d recommend 7-10.  You’re AWESOME!  Show off a little bit!
3. Nominate as many other bloggers as you like.  No restrictions on this one.  You have one or one thousand bloggers you think are awesome, nominate away!  It’s up to you how many bloggers you nominate!
4. Lastly, name one thing that adds to your happiness and why!  That’s it!
5. Don’t forget to save the image!  Or you can just copy its link.  (I’d save it because I’ve this habit of deleting my posts and media files about every six months or so…).

Please note I tried to upload the friggin awesome gif but it wouldn’t show up correctly…. infidel…..


7 responses to “Friggin Awsome Friggin Award For Some Pretty Friggin Awesome Friggin People!!!

  1. When Ark wakes up from his beauty sleep, I’ll have to tell him that I found his long lost twin sistah. Ohhh the awesomeness!! >:D

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  3. In my defense, I don’t remember where I was at… :/ So, how about a proper comment? Well, you did a very thorough job at showing off. I should expect nothing less of one of the Pantheon, else I’d be courting boasts from the likes of “American Idols” (and we all know how I feel about false idols). Ha! I’ll tell you what, I think we should all get together and have a minion drive. You know what I mean? I mean, we should actually begin building this minion army…

    Good showing, Lilith. Very good showing. You are most definitely a master of words. Keep it up, eh. :p


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