Who Is Being Allowed To Redefine Normal: Women The Endangered Species – A Life In Vain

Sad truth….

The Savvy Senorita

Google search results for websites:

Those displaying Anorexia – 32,500,000
Those displaying Pro-ana websites – 8,530,000
Pro-ana tips – 2,840,000
Those displaying ‘thinspiration’ – 2,700,000

……And those displaying ‘curvaceous women’ – 3,950,000

Women with ‘lovely lady lumps’ are indeed outnumbered, maybe they are even becoming an endangered species.

I have become quite obsessed with body image lately, seemingly revisiting my own troubled teen years, but looking at it all through very different eyes now I have gained life experience. I am more analytical of what I once took to be the truth about what women should be. I am fortunately no longer crippled with self-doubts and hatred, albeit, even I’ll admit it is difficult to keep a healthy mind and attitude with the constant bombardment of what we now call ‘normal’. It has reached new heights, far and beyond more extreme than it ever it was when I was a…

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5 responses to “Who Is Being Allowed To Redefine Normal: Women The Endangered Species – A Life In Vain

  1. Thank you Lilith for re-blogging my article, I truly appreciate it. I am happy someone feels, gets and isn’t afraid to agree with what I am trying to ‘say’. I often work to promote size equality, and quash the whole media (and so on) definitions of what a woman should be, via my writing. I hate labels!! It peeves me, that these unknowns think they can rule, and dictate over people’s lives. I know people can choose to buy into such things, but with such things saturated into everyday ‘norm’ breaking with what is dictated is becoming harder. I just wish people would realise that making uniform human specimens doesn’t exist outside of a lab!!! Anyway, thanks again, I am happy for your support of my words.

    • Even in labs there are irregularities, mutations…. amazing how white tigers are considered beautiful instead of “abnormal,” but someone who has a different body type is ostracized and ridiculed.

      And thank YOU for writing this!

      • Thank you, that is kind of you.
        Yes it is regulation, and manipulation of society; stating unique and individual as wrong and almost outlawed. I really see all of it as getting out of hand, and actually somewhat obsessional.

      • We’ve become too brainwashed I think by the “right wing” version of what the world would be like – I think back to the days when Bowie was a sex symbol and Mercury was the hottest thing on stage despite his sexual preference. Yet now we belittle anyone who is different, reject homosexuals as ones who are “tearing down the moral fabric of society.” What changed? What about US, how we raised our children has changed? It’s been not more than 20 years since Nick Rhodes made girls swoon with his makeup and effeminate appearance, yet now those very same looks are considered unacceptable and “metrosexuals” are considered all douchebags – while boys who wear their pants to their knees and speak like they have NO education are considered desirable? Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me….

      • Yes, it is true how tastes change and people see people in different ways. I have actually been watching a lot of documentaries about body building. It surprises me just how this ‘fringe’ sport became so main stream. Now every man wants to be like Mr. Adonis, and will take drugs to do so; just like many women will starve to be thinner. It seems this obsession with this elusive, and ever changing perfection will never come to an end!!!
        You’re right, it does make no sense. All I know is I can only be myself, and only please myself. Living my life through the eyes of others, what they want and expect and so on, will only drive me insane! I


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