You’re a frelling joke!

Make me want to choke

on my soba

as I sit on my sofa

contemplating how

with a Vulcan-esque brow

you even exist

knowing not the gist

of a time-space continuum

or the specs of the Millennium

Falcon, Solo’s pride

or why the Doctor cried

for his fair Rose

Do you know nothing of Tolkien prose?

Of elves and orcs and shattered blades?

Ah, what a boring life you have made!

All to fit in with the status quo

Living on Starbucks and reality shows

While I sit and hypothesize

the wonders of wormholes and fireflies

Drinking the heady Romulan ale

while casting a Magic spell

Mock me now, but thank me later

when I tell you that Darth Vader

is certainly not your father

Oh, why do I even bother!

Just know, come the zombie apocalypse

should you seek me out with pleading lips

saying you’ll die if I don’t share

Read MY lips:



©2013 Spiritwind Studios



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