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NRG Recording tweeted this question today:

In your opinion, what is wrong with the music industry? How would you change it?

As many of you know, I have very impassioned opinions on the music industry, as well as the entertainment  industry as a whole. The core of this issue being that mainstream media – the industry moguls, no longer the innovative, avant garde artists of the years of Studio 54 or even the Cotton Club – have only one thing in mind these days and that’s what will turn a quick buck so they can be on, on, on to the next one. We have become a fast food nation not only in our consumption of food, but of music, of movies, of literature even. What takes too long to digest is considered a waste of time, what takes too much thought to process and understand doesn’t fit in with pilates and Real Housewives, so we ignore it and move on, on, on to the next one. 
Not to say that it’s not the goal of every artist to make a living – not necessarily a rich one, but at least a comfortable one – doing what they love, but there are those who think nothing of putting out absolute crap and pawning it to the public as the Holy Grail.  Is it the fault of the public that accepts such farcical offerings? Partly, yes, but it is the core media that funds and promotes these fools that makes it hard for the public to step and say “Uh, no, that’s not cool at all.”
Because if you don’t like Justin Beiber, you’re not cool.
If you think Lady GaGa is a Madonna rip-off, you’re a snob. 
If you think Adele looks fine just the way she is and doesn’t need a new wardrobe or to lose a few pounds, then you obviously don’t know what’s up. 
And no one likes to be the outsider these days, everyone wants to fit in, to be accepted, to be at the water cooler discussing how it was just awesome that Nicki Minaj flipped off the camera last night – what an innovator, what a rebel!
Uh, yeah, whatever. 
What most people don’t realize is what’s being played on the radio aren’t truly requests at all – sure, the station MAY advertise “all request” hours, but the rest of the day is devoted to the artists they’re TOLD to play. Perfect example is the band Madame Hooligan – even with strong feedback from fans, due to the station’s corporate policy, KROQ 106.7’s (Los Angeles’ alternative station) PD refuses to play their song “Freak The World” in spite of strong request. I have even called stations asking to play certain artists and songs, only to be told up front by the DJ that their playlists are pre-programmed, that if they deviate from those playlists that they would be fired. In short, most radio stations have become corporate conglomerates (Clear Channel being a perfect example), money making machines concentrating on not the artists with actual talent, but the next big thing, the next “Happy Meal” the public is willing to swallow.  
No more Wolfman Jack touting the next British or even Japanese invasion. No more Casey Kasem’s epic Top 20 where the FANS got to choose the music, NOT the promotion companies.So, until the industry gives the fans back their voice instead of giving speech to the almighty dollar, many artists will remain unnoticed  save for among fans that are staunch in their stand against such an industry that ignores their cries of rebellion. A thousand plus fans may Tweet, email, Facebook, or call a DJ to play their chosen artist, may send CDs of said artist to countless station managers, yet until someone at the top is willing to take a stand and say “Enough!” we will continue to be barraged by artists who sing lackluster tunes against the backdrop of their overly-hyped images.

How would I change it, you ask? Effectively ghost all the fat cats and start over with those with visions of passion, not gold chains, to shine at last.

So say I.

So Say we All.

The Goddess has spoken


6 responses to “NRG Recording Asks…..

  1. I stopped buying music 20 years ago… I will go see a live band (especially blues) in a small venue (bar) every chance I get which isn’t as often now that I live in the country. I’m not a big fan of the industry even though I love music…

    • And this is the conundrum of the REALLY GOOD artists out there who’s music SHOULD be supported and bought! Especially those from Europe and Japan, where the music is not only top-notch, but in most cases very innovative. Yet people are afraid of giving those a try because of the language barrier or any number of other reasons.

      Trust me, you will LOVE Madame Hooligan AND fade! Give them a go and you’ll not be disappointed. 😉

    • There IS passion if one is willing to venture abroad for their music – as mentioned to Mr Therien, if you’re willing to ignore the language barrier and just LISTEN to the music, you’ll find epicness abound 😀


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