A Goddess Prompts: Monorhyme

The monorhyme is for me one of my most favorite forms and in some way the most challenging. Therefore, I want to see what my fellow verse-smiths have up their sleeves using this fun and rhythmic form.

Here is my take, as yet untitled:


Killing fields of rhythm and rhyme

Rehashed beats caught out of time

Fame and fortune has been made the prime

Instead of true art, the medium of Bards sublime

Can’t wait to see what y’all got!!

Other Prompts:


24 responses to “A Goddess Prompts: Monorhyme

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  3. Wow…We should make a goddess club of Prompts!

    Should every man just waste our time
    thinking that tyhe may just rhyme
    using herbs like rosemary and thyme
    goddesses will put them in the brine
    as a warning and a sign
    to upstarts who’ll write a listless line!

    • Amen, that we shall, my dear!
      Them should fret and quake in fear
      that think to serve their career
      with rhymes as cheap as any veneer
      but I digress, I don’t want to appear
      so self-assured and cavalier

      • Yes, O goddess most noble maid,
        show zero tolerance for the knave
        who presents you with poems…shoddily made
        though demons may succor and gve their aide
        to the efforts of their dark tawndry brigade
        we’ll unite to see them paid
        and thus may popularity be swayed
        from work that does not inpire but degrade!

      • Oh my I could go on all night!
        But that might give Lord Ark a fright
        For this eve his Muse isn’t quite
        Syncing to the form, so we might
        Just pique his ire if we should slight
        His greatness with our Goddess light


      • Ah! demi-gods and kings!
        they bluster but their stings
        to goddesses are things
        which rarely clip their wings!
        Alas…oh sigh…my timer now it rings
        and so I close my rhyme on men and kings.

      • We shall continue anon
        When sky is bright and stars are gone
        When work is done and all is calm
        Our rhyme our succor, our art our balm

        *bows and exits in poof of purple smoke*

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