Hosting a Muse

Another answer to my prompt!!


Note: Lilith has given us Goddess Prompts: Mono-rhyme, of which she says is “one of my most favorite forms and in some way the most challenging. Therefore, I want to see what my fellow verse-smiths have up their sleeves using this fun and rhythmic form.”

Slow going, my day’s not prime
Without reason, lacking rhyme.
I begin the sentence: I’m…..
But my muse, usually sublime,
Is playing games of pantomime,
Not a sound, not even a chime!
I finally realized my crime:
I did not leave him pie – key lime
Nor his favorite pizza with thyme.
Must I always make this climb
of bribes and perks for his time?
I could sell him for one, thin dime.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

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