Playing With Fire Ants

Was stung by ONE of these bastards a couple of weeks ago and the ensuing blister and burning itch was epically agonizing.

Living With Insects Blog

A couple of years ago, (2011) I posted about a football game in South Carolina that was cancelled because of fire ants. The wisdom of that decision is apparent after a boy died last week of fire ant stings. A 13 year old football player in Corpus Christi, Texas was stung by fire ants during a football game. The youth was allergic to fire ant venom and collapsed on the field. He suffered from swelling of the brain in response to the venom and died a few days later.

People can be stung by fire ants, anywhere in their range. In July of this year (2013), a Georgia woman died from allergic reaction to fire ant stings. However, athletic fields are sites where fire ant control is especially important. At times in many athletic contests, players are laying or sliding on the ground. Within seconds of contacting a fireā€¦

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