Improper Nobility



“How could you even think you’re worthy?”

I am worthy, I am Goddess. 
“Just look at you! You’re delusional!”
I see the truth of myself as others do not – it is they that have delusions.
“What of your countenance, your full flesh?”
My flesh is as full as my heart, as my intelligence.
“You will disgust him.”
You disgust me by assuming my skin defines my spirit.
“Have you no pride?”
I have the pride of my bloodline, the pride of my self.
“You have nothing – no career, no place of your own.”
I have talent, I have soul, I have things that do not require material validation. 
“You have nothing to offer.”
I offer my love, my loyalty, my life. 
“What would he want with you anyway?”
He would want all of me. 
She placed the crown upon her golden head, walking with her head high to meet her King, her opulent form swathed in black and purple velvet, knowing who she was, what she was, and those who thought her not entitled to her prize looked in amazement as they bowed in her wake.

©2013 Spiritwind Studios


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