Where’s My Muse? ;___;



I know I said I’d be participating in various writing stuffs, but the past days I’ve been posting about the real world and I’m afraid it’s sucked the creativity right out of me,


I feel decidedly….


and just



Ugh! I need to bury myself in the Fae and not come out for a good while…..


6 responses to “Where’s My Muse? ;___;

  1. Writer’s block is the worst. Mental constipation. There’s nothing like the real world and it’s stresses to show up and ruin everything. I hope you battle your way out– and soon!

  2. It’s a bitch and contagious…keep away from debilitating muse sucking TV, news and general social polemics for a few hours, meditate with something pleasant far from TV, news and general social polemics and you’ll be back in form in no time. I’ve been trying this as I got myself sucked in by the above stuff as well as local realities. which also plays havoc with originality.

  3. And then it returns when you least expect it. You see something or somebody says something to you and an idea pops up. It may not be the wittiest or brightest idea……but it restarts you. 🙂


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