Musical Analogies (or How Queerly My Brain Doth Turn)

source: Facebook Official

source: Facebook Official


Ok, so, most of you know my mind works in strange ways, weaving patterns that should in no way connect in the normal world (as if MY world could be even remotely considered NORMAL – HA!). For those of you that are unfamiliar with my unique connective abilities, strap yourselves in and make sure all limbs are secured inside the vehicle 😉

To begin the how of the happening, thanks to my lovely band Fade, I have discovered this new band ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, who describe their genre as “Omnivorous Emotional Mixture Rock.”

Now, most of you also know how passionate I am about music, and any artist that comes across my radar and makes me say out loud, “ARE YOU SERIOUS??” in a good way has to be an artist worth looking into and trust me, fuck the language barrier, go check these guys out!

I don’t know much about them at the moment, but what I do know is they bring it and bring it big! They’ve had success with their songs from from the anime Durarara! and have just released their first full album From Dusk Til Dawn (which causes a whole ‘nuther analogy attack involving Titty Twister, Machete, and True Blood, but seriously, go get here – no, really, go get it – your Goddess commands you!).

The lineup of members is as follows:

  • Vocals/Guitar – SHiNNOSUKE
  • Bass/Backing Vocals – 2RASH
  • Drums/Backing Vocals – U
  • Guitar/Backing Vocals – TAKUMi
So, without further ado about nothing, I present to you, the first in the the wild ride music took me on last night as I perused the offerings of said ROOKiES:

When I heard this, I was like, as I said “ARE YOU SERIOUS??”

I mean, really, three different musical styles in as many bars? Who DOES that shit?

Apparently, ROOKiEZ….

Then, all of a sudden, my phonographic memory took me back…..

…. and then crept a little forward…..

…. to wind up back here…..

And now, all of these tracks are on playlist titled, you guessed it, Musical Analogies 😀

Thus ends this splendid excursion through the musical, magical pathways of my psyche. Hope you enjoyed your trip – please exit the vehicle safely and make sure all belongings are secured upon your person 😉


3 responses to “Musical Analogies (or How Queerly My Brain Doth Turn)

  1. Hi Lilith, we are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging bud, Navigator 1965. Have to say we love the look of your blog but most importantly, the voice that drives it. Your writing is addictive!! The post was excellent & we will most definitely check them out. If nothing else because of your recommendation and/or their names, which are great! We look forward to dropping by & reading more of your posts! 🙂


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