What Say You, Hatake?

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Spektral Helix

photo via SyFy photo via SyFy

Most will find that things don’t come to me right off the bat, but will sit and simmer in the crockpot of my psyche until it’s good and tender and you get that “AH HA!” of choosing just the right spice for the recipe.

Yet this recipe has me quite befuddled, frustrated even.

The recipe I’m referring to can be found here at the SyFy’s Helix OHP – a strangely beautiful scene of snow and mountains narrated by Hatake’s beautiful, smoldering voice, yet he is speaking in Japanese, so I’m at a loss.

From what one translator has told me, is a rant about humanity and “tako ningen,” which, if taken literally, means “octopus people.” Now, if we remember the way the virus grew, quite like an octopus or squid with tentacles, we can assume that he’s speaking of the virus and the way it affects people…

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