Antagonistic Allies

Erzengel Herrschaft


“This is Michael’s doing – it’s a trap.”

“It was her voice, not Michael’s. I have to go.”

“I know. Still think it’s a trap.”


“Should I be?”

Furiad looked up sharply, frown turning to a smirk when he saw Rhia’s grin and the twinkle in her eye. “You play too much, woman.”

“And you keep mistaking me for an ordinary human.”

Rhia rose from the bed to help fasten his bracers, Furiad sighing in annoyed acquiescence. He’d allowed no one to outfit him save one, and that was so long ago he could scarce remember, yet Rhia had been doggedly persistent on the matter and she somehow knew what she was doing.

“You and Noma have had a bond longer than before my kind was even thought of – who am I to come between that?” Rhia placed his helm reverently upon his head, hands laying on his…

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