When Gabriel Blows His Horn

Erzengel Herrschaft

Bt9x5GKCUAEs_R5.jpg large

Gabriel’s tune was a mournful one as he sat upon his throne, contemplating how the tide had turned now his brother Micheal had a piece of angel steel in his gut, traveling God knows where with that bratty prodigy of his.

Wait, not even God knew where, God didn’t know or care about shit anymore it seemed.

“Why don’t you just go back to Heaven and claim the true throne instead of wasting away on that paltry edifice, Gabriel?”

“Because Father closed the door and took the bloody key.”

Gabriel looked up, seeing the woman stroll in with all the confidence and swagger of a goddess even though she was a mere human, laying the horn in his lap as he watched the way she moved with a grace that belied her girth.

The woman smiled, a mischievous glint in her dark blue eyes. “What? He didn’t give you a…

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