Peugeot & Havas produce more Carl Beukes’ naked ass than anyone imagined legally possible.


Back in the mid-nineties a series of books were released in which you could make different decisions and choices which would determine where next in the story you would go. It was exciting but the novelty wore off relatively quickly.

Brand Guys, get ready, although being 18 months old this campaign is not new to many of you, but in case you’re not one of the 4.2million people who viewed this clip on YouTube, here lives something special. Peugeot looked to Havas Media for a creative solution and blimmen hell did they bring their beauty to the party. They created an interactive video which lets you decide at critical and in hilarious situations to “Let Your Body Drive You” or not.

Don’t listen to the kak I’m writing about it, JusWatchIt. Client enjoyed 1.5million new visits to their website. Worth it. now JusWatchIt and you’ll understand exactly why it went…

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