Crux Chirapsia

spa concept

Stones, so smooth and warming
Such scandalous thoughts are forming
At the sight of your oiled skin
Thoughts you might find alarming
Or perhaps positively disarming
If you don’t spurn a dose of sin

My touch works your ebb and flow
Relaxing sinew strung tight like a bow
Centering, aligning, the ka within
Flesh in candlelight, a golden glow
Do you realize? Do you even know?
How hard it is not to give in?

Yet steady I shall keep the pace
Though my heart does race
Caught in the web you spin
Delicate as Chantilly lace
My fingers deftly trace
Along thigh to sculpted shin

Lips linger near your spine
In a bid to call you mine
My resistance wears paper-thin
Lust and devotion intertwine
Sensation heady as wine
Paralyzing as any toxin

As I mold your chiseled form
With hands and stones so smooth and warm
Gliding across your oiled skin
No jewels or finery need adorn
Your visage, so comely born
Yet inspiring thoughts of sordid sin

Shall you acquiesce or shall you forgo
My desire, strung tight like a bow
Disrupting every alignment within
Will you pleasure me by candle’s glow?
Drown me in your undertow?
Will you at last let me give in?


©2014 Spiritwind Studios


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