The Beast is rising slowly, ominously caressing my bones, tickling my veins, saccharine smile filling my psyche. It’s been hard, so hard to keep Her at bay, but She’s wise to my game now. She knows which link to jingle on Her chain, which sweet sadistic nothings to whisper and cajole me into giving in just a little.

Just a little.

Not enough to harm the flesh, yet precise enough to prick pride. Enough to make the brain bleed with alarm, those tingling bells that herald a bigger apocalypse to come.

She only wants to play.
She’s been contained for so long.
Her thirst is mighty and my will is weakening with each affront.
Shall I free the Beast and let her have full reign?
Shall the backbiters feel Her jaws upon their throats?
Or shall I pull the chain taut and…..

….. contain?


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